Take some time to add Organica Fresh thyme to your shopping cart! It’s widely cultivated because of its strong flavor, which stems from thyme’s high content of thymol, which has a high content of medicinal purposes.

Thyme is high in iron, so use it a lot in your cooking. Though it has hundreds of applications in your recipes, thyme has a particular kinship with and is often used as a primary flavor with lamb, tomatoes and eggs. Though its flavor is powerful, it doesn’t overpower other spices, so use it in conjunction with them.

Thymol, interestingly enough, is the main ingredient in Listerine. Its antiseptic properties are fine for combating toenail fungus. A tea made from it is also good for fighting colds and bronchitis. Thyme thus has so many applications!

Thyme was also used by Ancient Egyptians to embalm the dead. Ancient Greeks burned thyme in their temples, thinking it infused people with courage. In the Middle Ages, people put it under their pillows to ward off nightmares. What an interesting history it has!

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