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To confirm the availability of the produce you desire or to place an order, please contact us by e-mail or telephone by using the information below. Our produce is seasonal, and its availability depends upon weather and other variable conditions. See the availability section of this site.

Organica Fresh Corporate Office

255 W. Julian Street, Suite 502

San Jose, Ca 95110

(408) 297-9797

Tony Arreola, CEO


landline: 408-297-9797

Nicolas Arreola, President


landline: 408-297-9797

Matteo Vocino, Manager of Field Operations / Materials



landline: 408-297-9797

Jamie N. Arreola, Director of Operations / Marketing


landline: 408-297-9797

Susan E. Smith, Accounting & Info. Systems Manager

cell: 408-221-1128

Jeff Anderson, Sales Manager (McAllen, Texas)

direct: 956-578-2168

landline: 408-297-9797

fax: 956-386-9197

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